Talk with superpowers.

Astound is voice & speech coaching iOS app that teaches you how to strengthen your voice, and become the best communicator you can be. Users report hearing a difference in their voice after their first practice.

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  • 100+ video guided breathing, stretching and vocal exercises

  • Bite-sized packs for busy professionals

  • Instant feedback on your voice recordings

How it works.

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    Pick a goal

    Want to be heard across the field or in a noisy bar? Want to work on your enunciation, and make your words super clear? Choose a goal that matter most to you.

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    Follow along video guided breathing, stretching, and vocal exercises. You'll soon realize that voice training is a full body workout. Learn why.

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    Hear a difference

    Listen and hear your vocal progress with your voice journal. We give you visual feedback on pitch modulation and tempo to make it easier. Why these?

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We believe our customers voice it best.


I really can tell a difference in the quality of my speech. What a noticeable change after just 15 minutes.

Karen O.

Just what I always wanted

I love the little suggested short exercises before an important phone call, a work meeting and more.

Galaxy N.


I noticed an incredible difference already! Very impressive, I look forward to utilizing this app.



A boost of confidence,

The way we speak is one of the most fundamental parts of our identity. Yet nearly half of all people are afraid of public speaking, more than death. That's so crazy even Seinfeld joked about it.
Astound users report feeling more confident about their voice after practice, and research suggests the same.1

and wellbeing.

Voice training includes mindfulness practice. Why: Only when you're in tune with your body can you make real progress. Astound provides you with the content, tools, and affirmations to make that happen.
Users report reduced stress after diaphragmatic breathing exercises, and a sense of comfort after listening to their recordings. Research shows hearing your own voice can even make you more happy. 2

Soft Skills

Communication skills are in demand

According to research at LinkedIn communication is the top skill in demand. Voice training concentrates on the non-verbal parts of communication, and includes your vocal pitch, modulation, tempo, pauses, and projection...Basically the secret sauce to engaging with your listener on a higher level. Studies find that your vocal pitch alone can influence how other perceive you.3


1 Lowering the Pitch of Your Voice Makes You Feel More Powerful and Think More Abstractly. PAMELA K SMITH, WILCO W. VAN DIJK

2 Covert digital manipulation of vocal emotion alter speakers’ emotional states in a congruent direction. Jean-Julien Aucouturier, Petter Johansson, Lars Hall, Rodrigo Segninid, Lolita Mercadié, and Katsumi Watanabe

3 How Voice Pitch Influences Our Choice of Leaders. CASEY A. KLOFSTAD, STEPHEN NOWICKI, RINDY C. ANDERSON


Empower your team.

Great communication has become synonymous with success. Within the walls of any organization, how well individuals and teams communicate effects company culture, and decision making. Outside those walls, communication helps engage, and bring those values to the customer. More organizations understand this then ever before, and, according to Inc Magazine, are spending over $9 Billion on communication coaching per year.
Get started today by answering five quick questions, and help us understand how we can help you empower your team. Thanks!

Our Story

We wanted it - so we built it.

I've never seen myself as a natural speaker, or someone comfortable approaching people I didn't know. Yet building my last startup, I found myself knocking on strangers' doors, walking up to crowds, or talking on the phone for hours - eager to share my startup with them. Each time a feeling of anxiety would creep up, and cause my body to tense up. Dryness, hoarsenss, and general fatigue were a common end of day experience for me. Finally with the help of Leila Bostic, a professional voice and speech coach, I was able to understand how to breathe deeper, and train my voice just like any other skill. In 2017, Leila and I started building Astound as a way to share voice and speech coaching techniques with everyone, anywhere.

- Robin (Founder)

Become an Expert

How your voice actually works

Ask any actor, and they'll tell you that you can train train your voice just like any other muscle. That's good news! There are 4 main components to your voice. Knowing these will help you crush your goals of becoming an effective communicator.

1. Your Diaphragm

It's like the motor of your voice, and sits underneath your lungs.

Feel your stomach expand out as you breathe in, and in as you breathe out. That's your diaphragm under the hood

It pumps air throughout your body just like a pair of bellows. And, since speaking is just another form of exhaling...

the better you diaphragm moves the smoother air can flow through your vocal chords. Speaking will feel like smooth sailing.

2. Your Vocal Chords

That brings us to your vocal chords. They produce sound as air moves through them just like a balloon. Thankfully, we're not left with that squeeky sound, but continue to your resonators.

3. Your Resonators

They include your mouth, throat, and chest. Just like in a cave, the more space your voice has to travel inside them, the more it gets amplified.

4. Your Articulators

Last but not least: your articulators. They include your lips and tongue. The more precise they are, the clearer your words become.